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재밌었던 Eric 수업(8월 4일)

2022-08-04 10:57
수업 때 배운 표현들을 사전을 찾아보면서 좀 더 확장해서 공부하였습니다.

- She has a fever of 39.

He's got a headache and a slight fever.(미열 :slight fever)
If you have a fever you should drink plenty of fluid.
He's passed the crisis - the fever's started to go down. (열이 내려가기 시작했다.)
The child has a rash and a high fever.

- in the middle of night (X) -> in the middle of the night

- That helped lowering the temperature -> That helped lower her temperature.

- If I were 10 years old again... 다시 10살이 된다면 이라는 주제로 수업을 했는데 재미있었다!

- I would try many different activities that I had not tried.

- I would spend more time playing the flute.

- I would have spent more time drawing.

- I could be better at it if I started young.

녹화본 들으면서 표현 정리하기

- What is average body temperature?

- have a date (X) -> go on a date

- keep up with...
I find it hard to keep up with the news.

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